Engineering Support and Services

With over 35 years in the aerospace industry, Polytronix engineers have extensive experience and expertise that is invaluable when designing a new product. In addition, our FAA 145 certified facility can repair and overhaul any existing product.

At Polytronix, our engineers will work with you on new product designs, material and component selection and make suggestions when needed to make sure your product is meeting the strict guidelines the aerospace industry demands. At our newly renovated, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, our experienced staff build, test and qualify products with minimal outsourcing. Polytronix quality engineers oversee all stages of production to make certain all products meet or exceed your expectations.

In addition to new product designs, we specialize in repair/overhaul of cockpit displays, illuminated panels and electromechanical assemblies. Our capabilities include reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and testing.

For more information on our engineering support and services, please contact us HERE.