Ruggedized Displays

In addition to our LCD manufacturing, our capabilities extend beyond the display cell to offer a complete ruggedized packaged solution.

Our engineering team has extensive experience designing products for the aerospace industry and will ensure our assemblies meet your specification. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, sunlight readability, wide temperature tolerance, EMI shielding, protective cover glass/enclosures and more.

Polytronix offers additional services such as environmental testing, accelerated life tests, EMI, life cycle management and reverse engineering.

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Ruggedized Capabilities include:

  • Sunlight Readability
    • Anti-Reflective Filters
    • Anti-Glare Filters
    • High Brightness Backlight
    • High Reflective Rear Polarizers

  • NVIS Compliant
  • EMI Shielding
  • Rugged Enclosures
  • High Reliability & Long Lifetime
  • Built-in Testing (BIT) & Controls
  • Wide Temperature Tolerance
    • Customized Liquid Crystal
    • ITO Heaters/Film Heaters
    • Compensation Circuits