Touch Panel

With the growing demand of the LCD industry, Polytronix is heavily invested in touch panel technology. We offer Resistive, Capacitive, and Internal Touch capabilities. Touch panels are a great addition to your LCD needs, enhancing the user interaction with your product and eliminating extra moving parts such as buttons and switches.

Internal Touch offers a great advantage if your custom LCD requires designated touch points. Touch points are located inside the glass, avoiding light loss/glare that you would normally see with touch panels that are not optically bonded to the top of the glass (available in passive matrix displays only).

Resistive Touch capabilities are a great solution to your product if your product is used/operated with people wearing gloves. The advantage of resistive touch panels are the low production cost that can function with fingers, gloves and or a stylus.

Capacitive Touch - If the user does not require gloves, capacitive touch panels are an alternative due to increasing popularity and better material sourcing. Polytronix offers gasket type bonding or optically (LOCA) bonding solutions. LOCA touch panel bonding, though more expensive, completely bonds the touch panel to the surface of the LCD screen, eliminating any air gap.

Elimination of air gap allows all light/color to shine through allowing better contrast, brightness and readability of your display.  Additional capabilities and sourcing are chemically strengthened glass and gorilla/dragon glass.